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GOS Viet Nam

GOS Vietnam is the ideal outsourcing partner for flexible Business Process Outsourcing, Game online, IT projects and another online service in Vietnam. Our staff has extensive expertise of Games online systems operation, structured IT softwave, massive systems of networking and processing as well as integrated document management solutions. Design and images processing complete.

The work processes are focused on dynamics of quality, to implement customer needs with an affordable price in a short time.

Through many years of international experience in customer relations and a multi-lingual team, we are constantly seeking new innovative solutions and continuous service improvement.

Certified quality processes and adherence of safety standards according to European, Asia Pacific guidelines, combined with hard work, willingness to learn and accurateness of Vietnamese employees resulting in a clear added value for our customers.

Tables of content:

 - Game online systems operation (webgame, game client, mobile game, game portal...)

- Trade game online license product.

- Game online translations operation. (China , Korian, Japan, English...Languages)

- Marketing full package consulting, media planning, advertising...relavent online entertainment.

 - IT projects: Massive systems of networking, IT softwave, Design.

 - Online entertainment service.